Food, How I Love Thee

Let me count the ways?

Nah, let me just write about it instead.

This is the section you’ll find everything food-related. From recipes to pictures of prepared meals I find worth sharing. Including trying new food for the first time. And even How-To get money with Food related posts.

Because food makes the world a happier place. You’ve seen hangry people, but never a well-fed angry person. So you could grab a chocolate that proves to take away your crankiness or read this section and you could find a recipe to do that trick. Or maybe there’s a post that you can relate to. Because who wouldn’t like to read hangry stories?

Stick around. And hey, feel free to munch on anything as you read this section. I’m not judging. For all you know I could have pan dulce (empanada to be exact) crumbs all over me as I type.