Love Equations

2 is better than 1

But sometimes 2 – 1 is needed to find yourself. To build yourself up.

2 – 1 equals all sorts of things.

2 – 1 = the end of a toxic relationship.
2 – 1 = the end of lies, cheating, and deceit.
2 – 1 = a sad individual who misses their significant other (SO).
2 – 1 = pain +heartache = sleepless nights.
2 – 1 =  tears. So, so many tears. The amount is countless.

but if we work for the first statement you’d either need:
2 + 0 or 1 + 1 .

Let’s focus on the first equation: 2 + 0. Clearly, it means that a couple is in a relationship. Therefore, it should just be the two and no other person(s). Exactly 0 other people should meddle. It’s the same amount that should be allowed in. 0 side-chicks or side-D’s. Get it? Got it? GOOD!

But if you’re single. the second equation applies. 1 + 1.
That equals 2. And 2 is better than one. But sometimes when what is added is only taking away, it’s time to subtract 1 from the equation. It will hurt. And the hurt varies, but
1 good + 1 bad cannot be good. The bad will take from the good. And the good will be left drained. And it’s just not good.

Love equations. Love > than all. And yes, 2 is better than 1. But sometimes 1 is okay. It’s okay until the other 1 is found that can add great things to the equation. Never deducting and never adding extra persons. Unless that extra person is part of conception between the 2. That’s where it gets trickier. But we’re dealing with basic math here. And I’m, but an English major. You do the math!