Extra, Extra

Happy Sunday! How was that extra hour of … sleep?

I loved it. And maybe I’m just being extra, but it’s okay, after all, it’s daylight savings time.

Saving time, because it must know how much of it is wasted on streaming shows and binging instead of going through with your writing agenda. Or how easily it’s wasted scrolling on your newsfeed looking at people’s highlights of their facades. Because no one can have their life as perfect as portrayed online. We just post the best and omit the rest.

Guilty as charged. Because it’s so easy to wear a mask and hide the reality sometimes. Especially when those times are not good times. Because we’d much rather show a fake smile than letting others know that we are humans who feel discouraged, sad, rejected too. Instead, we construct a fallacy where we don’t know the sting of rejection, we don’t have discouragements. Who me? No, no, no haven’t you seen my timeline, there’s nothing but perfect control. No room for chaos in my life.

That’s one extreme. Because let’s face it, we also know at least someone who loves to post all their problems on social media. Every single detail, and it’s just like – stop! And then they wonder why others talk about them. Posting their problems for others to see, way more than is needed, solely for attention, and once they get the attention, more than they bargained for, well, they start with the quotes, “unless you lived my life who are you to judge me?” And all one can think is, seriously, you put yourself out there and now you’re complaining that people know about your lifestyle. As if it never occurred to them that maybe someone else is just restating what they finished posting. I mean, if you’re going to post it’s because clearly, you want others to see that you have it together, or that you don’t. For whatever reasons. Don’t get shocked, when people take that as an invitation to “butt-in.”

And all in all, that’s just the way we waste time. And maybe there are other ways. Or maybe you got your time-management under control up to the last millisecond.

Whatever your case may be, we all got that extra hour. And maybe you wasted that extra hour too? Hey, we are all given freedom of choice. Not all choices are great but free to choose nonetheless. And whatever you decided to do with it, that’s all you. I simply hope you were able to fall back on it and enjoy it.