Handing Out My Absence Excuse

I could write several excuses as to why the blogging stopped, but I’ll just give the main one:

My hand was fractured.

Turns out punching too hard can sometimes cause the neck of your small metacarpal to break.

It’s all fun and games, until you notice your pinky and ring finger are immobile. And then you decide to wait for the pain to subside, it’s nothing major. Up until you see major swelling. That’s the moment it hits you, “this can’t be good.”

But you wait it out because maybe the swelling will go down. I think that’s called denial. But mainly also you’re scared because, never have you ever broken a bone before. And maybe you’re just exaggerating, yet the pain reminds you this is based on a true story.

It legit couldn’t get any more real than this. So a couple of hours later after the pain became even more unbearable and you managed to stop the tears. Tears due to pain, but mainly because you cannot move your two fingers. And over something so small and stupid.

So you do what almost anyone else would’ve done immediately after. You head out to the ER. And upon entering the building you’re just like thinking of the bills you’ve just racked up. And you haven’t even filled out any forms yet. Which you won’t even be able to fill out. Lucky you, you fractured your right hand. Yup, the one you write with. Hooray. If this was the jackpot, you totally hit it. A little too hard though.

And that is the story of how I was stuck in a splint for 2 weeks. Then taping my pinky to my ring finger. And currently doing exercises to strengthen my hand.

That is also why I stepped away from blogging. But now, that my pinky is hanging there, quite literally too, I’m back. To talk about other things, the way I used to.

It feels good to be back.