Let’s Catch Up

It’s hard to come back after being away for so long.

Where does one start? Especially when ideas are all over the place and time is limited?

I have hair routines I’d like to share, due to the high-volume of questions and compliments on how I finally was able to tame  get the luscious curls I had as a little girl.

Yes, my hair is starting to radiate its healthiness. And yes, I am super content with that. I sad goodbye to the flat iron for several months now. It feels liberating. I’m embracing my curls way more than before.

I also bounced back with my fitness. I had been slacking, but now, now I’m back to it. I’d like to share that journey again.

And then, there’s also the commence of trying to get into the world of juicing. After extensive research, I feel I’m at the point where I can’t wait to be promoted to full time and leave this PRN lifestyle. Yes, I’m actually serious. I have so much to say about my juice cube and my juices and the feasting soon to turn into fasting. But time is limited.

I’ve been working, full time and OT. I feel I spend more time at work than here. I haven’t spent time behind my desk in so long. It feels weird. My fingers no longer have that intimacy touch with the keyboard. I hear the tapping, but it is taking me a while for things to flow as before. But, I love what I do. I really, do. Every day is different. But it wouldn’t be human if I didn’t find a few things here and there to complain about. But I’m there for now and I’ll find ways to manage my time better.

Oooh, and then I have several projects I’d like to venture on. I am in the process of looking for trailers. And several DIY projects I’d like to start. And my savings account is growing. And I am content. I am. It could be the lemon juice I finished drinking earlier and the fact that I’m about to have my lunch. Or the workouts just happen to release good vibes all over. I feel great. I’ve had my ups and downs, but right now this moment, I feel great. And I hope you have been too. I’ve missed you all. Thanks for sticking around even during my absence. I’ve noticed I still get views and it amazes me. Thanks for your loyalty, your patience, and your time.