I lost 6 inches…

And I’m not sure how I feel about it.

I wish, I was referring to my waist, but I haven’t been as physically active as I should’ve or planned to have been.

The sad, truth is that with the 12 hr shifts I wasn’t managing my free time effectively. But, that’s another story. Point is, I did lose 6 inches.

If it wasn’t your waist, then what? Well, it’s hard to even say because I said I wasn’t going to go to similar extremes. But, living in the deep south of Texas, the heat has a girl doing all types of things to feel fresh. And as much as I loved my long, voluminous locks, I had to say goodbye to them. 6 inches, if not more (I think it is more, but I don’t want to make myself feel bad about it so I’ll stick to 6), GONE! Swept away after I stepped off that chair in the hair salon.

And just like that, I lost 6 inches. Now it’s a waiting game. I miss my long locks. I miss the different hairstyles I would do. But, I’m also liking the short look. It suits me well despite my fat cheeks. Yay, for that.

I intended to post before and after pictures, but I’m currently away from the laptop. I’m using the app and it’s not the same. It doesn’t satisfy, so I’ll owe you the pictures that show the change.

Speaking of change, there’s something else that’s new. I must now wear glasses. Like actual glasses. None of that, I think glasses are cool so let me just buy the frames. Because although that rings to be true and something I’ve always wanted to do, but never did. Now, I actually have the prescription and my very first pair of eyeglasses.

The day I was prescribed some, I was super excited to shop for them. I felt like a kid on Christmas or something. It takes a lot to make this gal smile. Yes, I suffer from chronic b…. symptoms. Ha! But that day, I was smiling ear to ear. No exaggeration whatsoever.

I’ll also owe you pics of my very first pair. And, hey, feel free to comment on what you think of the haircut and glasses.

I dig it. But your comments are welcomed here. Well, that’s the “big” hype. The new things going on with me.

And those are several changes this Summer. I changed jobs with a better position. I lost 6 inches, got myself glasses, and gained a boost in confidence. I had a feeling 28 would be great and here am I living that.

Thanks for reading. Happy Friyay y’all.