I survived 4 days of 10 hour shift trainings for the new position. Hence, the silence on my behalf.

I am feeling all types of ways. I am excited to get my own classroom, but even then I have 40 more hours to go of OJT before riding solo.

I am also nervous because the teachings will be Spanish – [for ESL]. I’m just feeling all types of way. I was told I start today, but since I completed 40 hours this week, I have been instructed to take the following 4 days off. The real deal before the real, real deal is on Monday.

So, I’ll enjoy the following 4 days, prior to my teaching training hours.

I’m actually going to start teaching, y’all. Finally! Like, it seemed and still seems surreal to me. But the time is nearing and I’m like yay!

Should I start shopping for cardigans? I think yes. After all, I have the glasses to match. Waiting for paycheck and I’ll look into all that kind of stuff.

I just had to share that news with you, my fellow readers. Wish I could state I’m blogging this from the desk of Ms. Mata, but I’m actually using my new laptop, (which I admire every single time I see) on my bed. Relaxing. Y’know making the best of my 4 day weekend.

Did you hear that? That was a deep sigh of relief from yours truly. I’m excited to start, but I can definitely patiently make the best of these 4 days to come.

Signing out,

Teacher – Ms. Mata