“Como siempre, dejando todo para el ultimo.” Why is it that I can hear my mother telling me that right this instant?

I only did forget to wish a happy birthday to my blog.

What kind of mother does that to her child. It’s like leaving my child in a different aisle at the supermarket all over again. Parenting is hard

To my defense, it has 2 “birthdays.”
July 31, 2017 – the free account. July 8, 2018 – the premium one.

I can’t flat out say, the premium one is the one that counts, because everything else I’ve shared prior still holds value. But, I feel it wasn’t a real site until I got my own domain.

To settle things, July 31 will be my blogs’ birthday. July 8 will be the domain’s anniversary. There, everyone is happy.

And of course there will be a celebration. And you’re invited. This Saturday. Stay tuned for more.

For now, happy belated birthday to my blog.
 mom  Me