Things have been happening. Lots and lots of things. I have lost track of my time management skills. Or rather, placed more time doing the other stuff, instead of writing here. And I apologize for those who actually like checking in and reading.

Here’s a little something of what’s been going on:

The tiny house project is on standby.
The moving together, is really real and it’s not all hugs, kisses, and cuddles.

De-cluttering for that minimalistic lifestyle is harder than expected. And it’s still in the process. Yard sales are proven to be time consuming, tiring, and fun. Plus, they help get rid of some items you should have never bought in the first place. (future post to come)

Selling stuff on let go is sometimes easy, but other times you encounter low-ballers and it’s just not even worth the messaging back and forth.

Thrifting is fun. I think it is my new addiction. But, I have to limit myself since we’re trying to start that minimalistic lifestyle and all. Plus, we still need to rid of other items.

We’ve adopted a fur-baby. She’s adorable. By the looks of it, her house will be completed before our tiny house. But that’s okay. I’ll introduce her one day in a different post.

Building things is fun.

I finally got my obese self to start working out again. It’s been hard and there’s already been two mornings where I want to skip the workout, but thankfully I’ve been able to overcome those thoughts and got it done. And I realized I prefer feeling sore instead of sorry for letting myself go.

Our cooking game is strong. We have a blast in the kitchen.

Depression and anxiety suck. But hey, now that we have the proper help this time around, together we will reach recovery.

Currently getting my creative juices going. I’ll soon be done with my brainstorming and rough drafts and start writing my first e-book. (more marketing to come later)

Taking up my photography again.

And there’s been more going on. Taking time for adjusting. But I have so much content in store.

This has been the update. Now that we are all semi-caught up I won’t leave this blog unattended as I did for the past few weeks.

Thank you.