I’m Participating In…

Get excited! Or not. But I am excited for my participation in blogtober 2018.

Hold up, what is blogtober? For those of you who know you can skip the next part. For those who don’t and curiosity has got a hold of you read below.


It is a challenge that quite a lot of bloggers undertake during the month of, you guessed it, October. The challenge is to create content for the full 31 days of October.

No official rules, except:

  1. Blog for the 31 days of October
  2. Be Adventurous
  3. Be Creative
  4. & above all Have Fun

(if there are other rules I am not aware of, please let me know – it’s my first time participating in this challenge)


Okay, I have to give it to you. With my sporadic posts, it’s fair that you think I am insane for wanting to undertake this challenge.

However, I’m making it my mission to participate and make the best out of blogtober.

Plus, I love October. It’s possibly my favorite month. What better way than to showcase that by blogging on the National Blogging Month.

I seriously think, blogtober and I will go hand-in-hand.


Okay, so it’s a truth blogversally acknowledged that I haven’t been posting much here. You might have low expectations for me. And to be honest, I have set low expectations on my blogging as well.

Before researching more on what blogtober really was (rules and all), I had already written in my blog journal the days I would blog during blogtober. See, I wasn’t aware it was for the 31 days. Almost all the blogs that I read about blogtober stated it was to be the entire month of October.

I felt a little spark of anxiety creep in. I had already planned only blogging every M-F of October. I believe that left me with 23 days of blogging in October.


Simply because I didn’t want to overdo the blogging. Okay, mainly because I wanted to have weekends to myself. And because I don’t think I can create that much content.

Which lead to anxiety bringing her cousin doubt and they both chimed in, “is your content even good enough?” “You can’t do the 31 days, you’ll bore them to death.”

But, I hushed them. And now, for sure I have planned 23 days of blogging for October. I do want to incorporate content for the weekends. And I am sure I am able to have some drafts up my sleeves for the moments I don’t feel creative. AKA the moments when those evil cousins want to visit me again.

So, here’s the layout of how my blogtober calendar looks like:

ST calendar

As you can see, I had already marked out the weekends. So, is it okay to change the rules a little bit? I mean, I already have planned 23 blog posts. Or will that be frowned upon by other bloggers?

I’m still iffy about it. Blah, blah, blah. I’ll stick with what I have.


I hope to find many other bloggers who are also taking part in blogtober 2018.

I hope to find new blogs to read.

I hope to find new bloggers to follow and build a blogging friendship bond with.

Y’know more communication with the blogging community.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Are you partaking in this challenge? How did you find it? Have you done this challenge before? How did it go for you? Let me know in the comments. I could also use any cheering on in the comments or ideas you’d like for me to write about.

Thank you for reading. And stay tuned for my blogtober posts.