Hello October!

If only the weather here in the Southern tip of Texas matched. I’d bring out my sweaters and add pumpkin spice to my hot chocolate with marshmallows that I cannot yet make because I’ll begin to sweat.

It may not be sweater weather here, but it doesn’t mean I cannot welcome October.

Hello October. I welcome you with arms wide open.

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I think you are my favorite month. Not only because my birthday happens to take place mid October, but because you happen to fall on Fall. And Fall is my favorite season ever!!!

I mean how can it not? It’s the only time Texas isn’t scorching hot. Well, okay maybe some days we are still in the low 90’s and we are lucky if we hit 70’s, but still it isn’t so bad of weather.

Plus, all the beautiful Autumn colors. I just love everything about Fall. And October you are a far better month than the ending of September, all of November, and the beginning of December before Winter sets in.

You just are.

You are most welcomed here. And the moons you bring along with you are so beautiful too. Stay as you are never change. Unless it’s changing to cooler temperatures, I’m down with that. And okay, also do your leaf color changing thing.

I welcome you with arms wide open, booties on, and stockings waiting for fresher weather to be able to wear them.

Bring what you have in store. I’ll be here sipping my teas, waiting for the leaves to change from the vivid greens to the prettier colors. Until then, I’ll continue to editing my photographs to get that Autumn feel.

And now, for MY GOALS for this month.

First and foremost, taking part of blogtober. Please be advised, I won’t be blogging for the full 31 days, instead I’ll just do every M-F of the month. But you can still check in every day to read, or you could use the weekends to read the content posted on that 5-day week.

Secondly, get back to my photography. I’ll carry my camera 3 days out of the week. And I’ll take photos. I’ll model. I’ll edit. And eventually post. (mainly on my IG, but I’ll slowly start to incorporate photos here too)

Thirdly, continue my workouts. Progress to come every Friday. Find that under Friday Fitness Updates.

And then some…

I’m excited for what’s to come this October and for the goals I have set. I hope to accomplish them all.

Would you look at that. Got my first post in for blogtober 2018.

Thanks for reading. If you’re also partaking in this challenge drop your links below so I could go over and read all about it.