Autumn Bucket List

Because I love making lists and getting that satisfaction of crossing accomplished things out.

Is it kind of cheating since it could be considered goals – and I already wrote about some goals? 🤔

For lack of inspiration, (hey, it happens) and being in a time crunch – errands, chores, adulting, they are all real things that must get done – this is what I thought of writing. I didnt want to miss a day of this Blogtober. I whipped this up as fast as I carefully could. Pardon any typos, I’ll go back and edit ASAP.

Now, that could possibly show how I’m not used to blogging on the daily 5x a week. I really am not. It’s much more challenging than I thought. I should definitely schedule some posts for challenges next time. But I’m trying.

And here’s blog no. 6 in this blogtober18 challenge.

My Autumn Bucket List

Learn How-To Kill Zombies

No, I’m not talking about hypothetical scenarios. A plan if a zombie outbreak would occur. I’m talking about COD Black Ops III for PS3 & PS4. I’ve been an XBOX fan for most of my uni days, but it was an on and off thing. But when i got my hands on a PS3 not too long ago (1 year tops) I fell in love. The controller felt so good in my tiny hands. And I was always a fan of watching others kill zombies. Had my copy of BLOPS 2, but again, not a great player. Yesterday, I made it to my highest round with the boyfriend. He’s really good all by himself. But, I want to get back to gaming and kill them zombies. I had 7 downs. I’m bad, really. But made it to level 15. With his awesome help of course. That and I changed the difficulty to easy. NEED to get the feel for it more. And that’s what I want to do. Get better at gaming and learn how-to kill zombies and not be killed.

Room Redecorating

This one, might take a little longer. Because I am still in the process of getting rid of stuff. It’s so much and you can only fit so little in those storage boxes. And the process has been a slow one. I tried tackling it all at once, made a huge mess. It’s harder this way.nive learned some things a long the way. I’ll share those tips soon enough. But first things first, continue to clean and get rid of more.

Apply for 20 jobs.

Because doing three and waiting isn’t doing it for me. Jobs here are scarce. My networking isn’t as great. I have so many skills, I should be managing things, or sitting behind a desk, where I could get paid for being a great asset to a company doing the things I love and it would all be amazing. Instead, I’m struggling. Them student loans won’t be waiting forevermore. I should pray about it. But at this point, I wouldn’t mind a part time job in an office-like setting.

Become better at Haggling

And all things related. But only haggle when necessary. Or just look out for the good guys and then become good at flipping and making profit. Especially with furniture. I’m currently into watching youtubers buy furniture that I’d pass up on, on the cheap, refurbishing and then flipping. It looks totally fun and cool to try.

Okay, maybe I’m just writing a regular ol’ bucket list. It’s not even Autum related. Oops. Well, I wrote it in Autumn, that should count, right?!

Oh, c’mon? Please?

Alright then, so it could be fair I’ll add, I’d like to visit a corn maize maze. They open one to the public nearby around this time of year. I’ve never been. But it looks fun if we leave out the part where I’m scared that scary, creepy, slithering snakes could be lurking in the area. Or the fact that I’m not that good with directions and could be lost and forgotten. Only to find myself being haunted and chased by a serial killer after operating hours. Okay, I should lay off the scary imagination vibes. I’m just a big scaredy cat like that.

Or something less frightening, pumpkin patch. Once again, never been. But I’ve seen pictures of people going to pick out their pumpkins. I think I’d just like to go to take pictures. For the feel and beautiful scenery. And to finally be able to say. I’ve been to and let my innerchild out and all that fun stuff. It really does sound like fun.

And last, but not least, try a pumpkin spiced something. My taste buds aren’t as daring. They aren’t spontaneous. They are creatures of routine. But this year, I plan on adding that extra spice in my life – or at least to one of my drinks.

I’ll see how that goes.

Thanks for reading.

What’s on your bucket list?